B Harris was born Brandon Harris on October 12th in Kansas City, MO and started doing music at a very young age. He started taking music seriously and working on his craft of writing and producing after getting connected with the well-known group from Kansas City called Gods New Perfection. B . Harris formally known as B- Humble and his brother Bk Da Watchmen produced and also were featured on Gods New Perfection album titled Christ Pushers and toured  the United States with them. 
In 2009 B.Harris and his brother form a group called Heavenly Minded. They  produced and released their own project titled Sent 2 Serve later than year.  
     From there they formed a group of 5 known as Heroes which included 3 other artist from Kansas City. In 2011 Heroes  released a group project titled Rooftops and Dark Alleys and toured for a year promoting it. 
B.Harris finally decided to try his hand at a solo project.

     Wanting to completely start over he changed his artist name from Bhumble to B.Harris. He released his very first solo project titled Average Joe in 2014. Shortly after that release in early 2015 he signed a deal with Amped Records. 

       He is set to release his first solo project under Amped Records in 2016 titled The Drawing Board. Thru his music B.Harris desires that listeners will hear his heart, see his flaws and know that he is just a regular guy in need of a savior just as much as the world does